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    Bending resin parts

    I modeled and printed this super hero girl on my Sonic Mini and it looks great but I kinda failed at designing the cape to fit properly. As you can see one side is up off her shoulder, which makes no sense and on the back the cape really should be draped over her leg but is a little above it. The resin does have a little flex to it but it springs back after bending it. The cape is not glued on yet so I was wondering if it's possible to put it in hot water or something then bend it into place and hold it until it cools. Pics attached. Ignore my wood filler that I'm using to fill the seams.

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    One of the many online 3D printer reviewers posted a while ago a video in which he used a heated ultrasonic cleaner to remove uncured resin. In the process, he discovered that the material will soften under hot water and can be manipulated. It may be specific to the resin he used, but the likelihood is high that you can indeed heat the cape and manipulate it to accomplish your objective.

    You may have a problem in this attempt in that you'll be heating the entire item and other portions that you don't want to change may distort. With care and a recognition that the cape will heat faster than the rest of the model, you could be successful.

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    Thanks. If I have to reprint the cape so be it but it would be nice if I didn't have to. I'll give it a shot.

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