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    What do you think of 3D printed food?

    It seems that 3D printed food is the future of the food trend. Also, there are restaurants that use 3D printing to the food and make it a selling point. I agree that technology is in the developing, and for the better. I haven’t seen the actual working process for the printed food, and I have some questions about it.
    1. Is the operation the same with traditional printing? The internal food structure is more complicated than plastic or metal.
    2. The range of food includes desserts, pizza, pancakes. Is it taste the same with the former?
    3. The cost. A 3D food printer is still expensive.

    Most of the foods need the secondary manual process. Is the price be competitive? As the one who focuses on the industry for 3D printing and rapid prototyping for years, I always think about materials of plastic and metal when talking about printing. What do you think that 3D printing technology will replace traditional cooking methods in the future?


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    The base processes of 3D printing are already used to make things that are eaten every day. All (except handmade) pasta and candy is extruded. All beverages are blended and dispensed into containers by robotic devices. Chicken nuggets (I've worked on those machines). Ice cream. Even sausage and hot dogs.

    What is it you are actually asking about?

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