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    Top 5 video games of all time:1. WOW CLASSIC I think World of Warcraft Classic is one of the best MMORPGs that you can play. I like wow classic cause I love chill leveling and the zones and music are just awesome. The races and class make sense too. I really don't care about the drama and the late-game min/max crap. It's a game made to have fun only if you have enough cheap wow classic gold.2. LEAGUE OF LEGEND SDuring the entire season, you could play any one of the game’s 140 champions — including a few fantastic new ones — and no one on your team would bat an eye. Matches were fun without being too long or short, each of the game’s five roles felt like it mattered, and the professional esports scene was as exciting and competitive as it’s ever been.3. FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE Each area of Midgar is so thoughtfully detailed and designed; the architecture tells me clearly what living in each sector is like. And the massive plate that looms over Sector 7! It’s one thing to know it’s there, another to see it. It’s got dangling wires, and crumbling edges where Shinra has given up on maintenance. After the plate fell, I looked up from Sector 5 and saw the slice of dirty sky where the Sector 7 plate used to be. Owie!4. ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS Whether it was fishing up big catches with your friends, perfecting your tarantula farming technique, or playing the turnip stalk market, it seemed like the game had something for everyone. People who had never played video games before were picking up New Horizons to bond with their friends and family, and they were finding enjoyment in something new and refreshing.5. STAR WARS: SQUADRONS I feel that the team so perfectly nailed the look and feel of the Star Wars universe that it transcends the games that came before. Those classic LucasArts titles were good, but Squadrons feels even better.

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    Hi there. I don't know a lot of games. I played Dota 1, CS GO, PUBG and now I play only Dota 2. Very interesting and difficult game. In MOBA genre Dota is the best game in my opinion. By the way if you will need new account with good MMR, you can buy it on z3d dota site, there are many good offers.

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    From crucial part of my memory where i only love few games which makes me happy like; Mario, Super Mario still not remember why i left such a game which makes childhood special, but now I ONLY play real games and earn cash through it.

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    GTA,Minecraft,Counterstrike,Skyrim,Call of duty. These are my five video games I love to play all the time. Even, whenever I need to get any information about any tool of video game. Gammicks always helped me. So it makes games more interesting.

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    1. Tetris
    2. Super Mario 64
    3. The Legend of Zelda
    4. Doom
    5. Ms. Pac-Man

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    My laptop is pretty old and barely can function, so I mostly play casino like this and check on social media. Though I got some games into my list, thanks guys.

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    I like Dota 2, but it's hard to play without boosting and it's hard to find a normal one ...

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    I play Dota all the time! It bobs and weaves almost perfectly between being the quick-fix adrenaline hit you might want after a long day of work, and the thoughtful, strategic multiplayer experience that becomes the center of evening-long binges with friends. I love it so much, but I used some time ago a booster because my friends have been playing it for so long and I played only a month. So ow boosting z3ddota helped me a lot in it.

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    My favorite game was and remains World of Warcraft. I like to play HearthStone on my phone, but it's not so interesting to play a card game from a computer - there are a lot of more interesting games. I also like to play Dota2 and Overwatch. In general, I love such active games, modern and popular. Not so long ago, I found a cool BenQ monitor in the review - the price is ridiculous, and the picture is just gorgeous! Now I'm enjoying the gameplay to the fullest and I'm really happy with my purchase!

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