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    Scaling Question

    If I have an item thats in HO scale (1:87) and I want to print it in N Scale (1:167) how much do I put in the slicer to reduce it? 80%? I got tired head trying to get my head wrapped around this! Thanks!
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    87 divided by 167 is 0.52 or fifty-two percent.

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    Great! Thank you! There is a lot more HO STLs than N scale.


    EDIT: I miss typed N is 160 not 167 so Fred's math would show 54% if I entered it right. My bad and thanks again!
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    just remember that reducing size by half reduces ALL axis by half and gives an item an 1/8th of a size of the original.

    Here's a way to visualise this:
    The small fidget cube was printed at 50% the size of the larger fidget cube (both with a 0.25mm nozzle).

    So it might be best to measure the same item at 1/160 and at 1/87 and work out the actual percentage difference. It's unlikely it would be 8 times smaller - but you never know :-)

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    Yum.. well.. it is 1/160 smaller than whatever the real thing is vs 1/87 smaller than the real thing.. they are not 54% smaller than each other, one is 54% smaller than the real thing... I could be wrong but that is how it works in my head.. Not something I know anything about and I never scale an object in the slicer as it never works for things I print. Good lucK!

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    100 meters at 1/87 scale is 1.149 meters or 1149 mm
    100 meters at 1/160 scale is 0.625 meters or 625 mm
    625 mm divided by 1149 mm is 0.54395 or 54.395 percent

    Elsewhere on the 'net:
    Someone wants to convert N to HO, the answer says multiply by 1.84, the reciprocal of 1.84 is 0.54348:,437132

    If there's any 3D printing going on here, I'd expect that resin based printers will provide best results for detail.

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    No wonder I get tired head lol. At 1:167 and 3' away most detail is lost to me anyways lol. thanks again! I used this math today to scale a HO picnic table to N scale. Worked great but printing was a fail because the STL I used had too fine of connections and werent very stable. CA fixed it
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