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    Help new printer not working

    Hi all, I just built my first printer and after work out most of the problems I cant seem to fix it from making weird lines on the bed and a ball of pla at the nozzle here a picture. I just wanted to ask if you know what's up with it

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    It sounds like your nozzle is to close or too far away from the bed.

    The nozzle has to be with a very tiny distance from the bed or the filament balls up on the nozzle or the nozzle is to close and the filament will not extrude.
    If you set you slicer to .28mm then the nozzle should be .28mm above the bed.

    You can test this with no filament and try a dry print an measure the nozzles distance away from the bed with a filler gauge.

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    Place a sheet of paper on the plate and lower the nozzle to its lowest point. Can you pull the paper out cleanly or does it leave a crease/rip it? Or does the paper pull out easily with little or even no contact?

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