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    New to printing

    hello everyone-i have a ender 3 pro and i'm using petg. on and off i face this problem where half way through the build, the part detaches from the build plate and starts getting dragged by the extruder and obviously the print fails. any reason why this could be happening and why does this happen randomly, for example i printed the same set of part three different times, the first time it printed perfectly fine and the next two it failed.thanks in advance.V

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    My guess is your machine is not build well enough to maintain accuracy.. The print nozzle must be calibrated to start printing the right distance from the build plate. When set correctly each layer including the first will be the layer height.. if you are too close the first layer is squished, to high it does not stick .. machine must be repeatable within .03mm That would be my guess from the description of the problem and the make of the machine. You get what you pay for when buying a machine that needs to be repeatably accurate within .01 or 02mm

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