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    ABS or PTEG for hot tub valve control knob?

    Hi there. My family owns a 25-year old spa/hot tub that needs new control knobs for the air venturis.
    Finding replacement parts proved impossible, so I designed new knobs and got them working after a few prototypes.

    So the environment will be continually wet (but not submerged) and hot (water is kept at 100 F).
    Can I get away with using PETG, or should I use ABS?

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    either will be fine, as long as it is not sitting out in the sun. ABS does not hold up well in sun so PETG would be better. If not in the sun then use which ever you have the most experience with.

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    great. I'll save the PETG as I've got almost a full roll of ABS.No sun exposure as the spa is located under a permanent patio awning.Thanks!

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    use petg.

    Unless you have an enclosed print volume 3d printed abs is kind of pointless.
    Pla is generally much more durable for outdoor parts.

    But pet-g does not need heated enclosure and is MUCH ore chemically resistant than pla or abs.
    Plus it's tougher than abs and generally better all round.

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