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    I have made a show piece model of a building, can I decorate it further through a 3d printer?

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    It would be useful to know how your show piece is constructed, perhaps a photo or more. Do you mean "decorate" as in to add window frames, door frames, chimney stacks, features of that sort? If those are the decorations you desire, the answer would be yes. Equally important would be to know the size of the expected decorations.

    For example, buildings often have exterior decorative lighting. A porch lamp can be quite ornate, but if the scale is too small, an FFF printer will not generate a suitable model, while a resin printer can produce small items of great detail.

    Please add more information.

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    nice job.

    Now here's the thing with infill.
    The larger the part the closer together the infill becomes.
    weird but true.

    So for something as large as that nut 10% or even 5% would probably work just as well and us e a lot less filament and print quicker.

    You could even have gone for an entirely hollow model with say a 1.5 mm wall, left the top open and printed the base as a second top.
    If you needed to make a large hollow thing strong - fill it with polyurethane gap filler before glueing the top on :-)

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