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    polysmoth transparent bad print

    I'm experiencing recently problems with my polysmoth transparent was starting from the same stop and every layer higher the print was getting worse.Was printing it on vase mode 200-210C speed 35mm/s 0.8mm nozzel, retraction 4.5mm layler hight 0.32, infill 100%. The thikness of the wall 1mm. What went wrong?
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    well first off - why are you using retraction in vase mode ?
    Shouldn't be necessary.
    There is no actual movement between layers that requires retraction.
    Also 4.5 mm is a LOT.

    what printer do you have ?

    Also lookin at the print, the actual thicknes of the model is more than a single layer - so VASE mode is not appropiate.

    Vase mode should be used for single line walled shapes and is - usually - a continuous line that doesn't use retraction because it never stops actually extruding.

    That model wall looks yoo thick for vase mode - to me.

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    I wanted to make it thick and with max 2 layers.
    The slicer did not allow me to print it on a 1mm nozzle.
    So I'm printing it now 1mm thick nozzle 0.5 with 0.2 layer high.
    At first I had my retraction of but it dosen't print it a way I wanted. Got around the walls 180 degree and moved to the start position to put a new layer leaving like a little bit of plastic that looks worse and worse overtime after next new layer like on the pic. So I try to switch the retraction on to see if it heelps. Used 4.5 retraction as show on the official site from the manufacturer. Using ender 3 with the aluminium extruder.
    Think I got rid of the problem by randomising the seam. Looks a bit messy but much better

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