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    Hello.......can somebody explain why the print is doing this?

    Hello, im fresh to the forum and also to 3d printing as this is my second attempt. I'm running an ender 3 with the creality filament and using cura as the slicer.

    I noticed that one end of the print is a bit skewed and the circle on the first pass had lifted.

    I ran the bed level g code from Chip and looked to work ok, but dont know why a print would do that unless there is something wrong in the setup.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    usua\lly because the bed is not physically level.

    Bed levelling g code is NOT a substitute for actually physically levelling the bed.
    Probably several million youtube videos on bed levelling :-)

    Also make sure the x gantry is level.

    The problem you have is that the ender 3 is one of the worst designed i3 printers on the planet. So the bed and gantry are prone to not being perfectly level.
    You also have the issue that the bowden tube is at a bad angle when printing close to the extruder, so filament won't be pushed through it as easily as it will when on the opposite side of the bed.

    It can be done - but don't expect it to be easy :-)

    On the other hand - because the ender 3 is such a piece of crap, an awful lot of people have spent an awful lot of time working out how to actually make the things work.
    Lots and lots of modification and videos on this.

    So go do some homework and good luck !

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