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    A Variety of Washing Machine Motors

    1.Single-phase capacitor running asynchronous motor (single speed)This washing machine motor is composed of two main-phase windings and a secondary-phase winding that are spatially separated by 90 degrees. The advantages are simple structure, low cost, good starting and running performance, simple control, and the disadvantages are low efficiency, poor speed regulation, and inability to meet the needs of high-end washing machines.2.Single-phase capacitor running two-speed asynchronous motorAt present, such washing machine motors are most commonly used in drum-type washing machines. Its operating principle is the same as that of a single-speed single-phase capacitor-driven asynchronous motor. In order to match the washing and dehydration speed of the drum type washing machine, a two-speed design is adopted. It has two sets of windings with different pole numbers on the motor stator. The squirrel-cage rotor can automatically adapt to two sets of stator windings. Because this washing machine motor has many poles and low speed at low speed, considering the torque at low speed and the temperature rise and efficiency of the washing machine motor at this time, the size of the motor is relatively large. This washing machine motor has a simpler structure and a longer life, but the cost is higher than that of a single-speed single-phase capacitor-driven asynchronous motor.3.Series excited machineThis is a kind of double-side winding off-line Washer Motors . The stator is a concentrated winding and the rotor is a distributed winding. A commutator and a carbon brush system are arranged on the rotor. A charcoal press on the commutator is connected to the external circuit. At the same time, the speed of such washing machine motors is generally higher and the no-load speed is higher. In order to ensure safety, the rigidity and integrity of the rotor components of the motor must be good, and strict dynamic balance must be done, otherwise the vibration and noise of the motor will be extremely large.The professional Energy Saving Motor manufacturer - NanYang Motor will show more information about "A Variety of Washing Machine Motors" please go to NanYang site

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for the information about the variety of washing machine motor collection with you. I would like to know more about your collection. buy dom perignon I am using LG washing machines and I always get into trouble with it because of its motor complaint.

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