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    Unhappy Is Simplify3D on the edge of the abyss?

    Hi all,
    according to some threads on the official S3D forum it seems that the S3D team missed the promise to release the version 5 within late 2019.
    This fact, in conjunction with the lack of communication and the censorship operated by the S3D team on the forum, caused much discontent in the user base.

    So I'm here to ask you for your opinion on the matter, because in the event of Simplify3D death it will be important to find a truly valid substitute.

    Thank you!

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    to be honest I was not going to cough up more money for version 5 anyway.

    version 4 does everything I need while 4.1 just freezes and crashes all the time.
    So I'm not looking for or need any updates anyway.

    I've never been able to get s3d to work with my dual extruder machines so I'm already using flashprint for that.

    I suspect the problem has a few parts.

    1) they keep putting the cost up
    2) pirate copies at least up to 4.1 are easily available online.
    3) Once you have bought a copy (which I did) no matter how many other printers you add - you never need to buy it again .
    4) There is only so much that can be changed in updates - at the end of the day once you have a working profile for your printer, you no longer need the updates.
    I cans ee why they would want to charge for a major update - but I honestly cannot see what they could add that would make the salightest difference to me any way. Most users would be in the same situation.

    On top of this the free slicers - except cura - continue to improve. Flashprint and s3d aside I suspect if I was a new 3d printer owner today I would leap straight to the prusaslicer and not even consider paying for a slicer.

    So - like many of us - they are facing an ever decreasing income and ever increasing outgoings.

    Every thing has it's time to shine and I think the time for 'paid for slicers' may have come and gone.

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