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    80mm/s is pretty slow for an i3. Certainly with an 0.8mm nozzle.

    I do find it weird that people print things so slowly. The I3 design (as prusa intended it - not as ender have crippled it) is perfect for fast printing.

    when my dirt cheapo ctc was behaving it maxed out simplify 3d and was easily printing at 200mm/s.
    The bog standard speed setting on my delta is 100mm/s. I only slow it down to 75 for neat and precision prints. For stuff that's just meant to be functional I always run it at 150.

    The t-rex with the big nozzle and the hi-temp extruder is more than capable of running at similiar speeds.


    Also your retraction settings are awful.
    It's a direct drive extruder. So change the retraction length to 2mm and speed to 70mm/s.

    Looking at the model pictures, you just don't have good adhesion for your first layer, the rest comes from that.

    What speed and thickness are you printing the first layer at ?
    And do you have anything on the bed to help with adhesion.

    Does it have a bl touch or similiar ?


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    80 mm per second is slow?

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    for me it is :-)
    I print iris boxes at 75mm/s.

    The clicknprint max's out at 70mm/s, due to design, very heavy direct drive dual extruder carriage - but these days, that's pretty much a dedicated flexibles printer - so usually runs at 30mm/s anyway.

    But the delta usually runs 100-150 as standard and the I3 will go even quicker.
    That's kind of the point of the i3 design, it''s MEANT for faster printing.

    When I got the ctc i3, I told my dad how it worked with the bed moving one way and the print head the other. First thing he said was: 'that'll make it print faster then.'
    And engineering isn't his strong suit.
    Seems to be obvious to everyone except most people with i3's :-)
    You can literally run one as fast as you can feed it plastic.

    Simplify3d actually limited the speed by itself. There was no print speed increase between setting 200 and 300mm/s.
    But The trolley keys I printed were dimensionally as accurate and functional, as the ones I printed at 75mm/s.

    I have never really understood why people print so slowly and obsess about visible print lines.

    All these 20 and 30 hour prints people make - I look at them and think. should have been 4 or 5 :-)
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