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    Bigtreetech Pro SKR 1.1 + TMC2130

    Good morning, everybody,

    For more than a week, I've been drying on the bigtreetech SK PRO 1.1 board configuration with the TMC2130 engine steps.
    Having had a short circuit problem with my old ramp 1.4 installation, I thought that rather have two boards, I might as well have just one, hence my choice for the skr pro 1.1.
    Not necessarily the best choice in view of the number of users and the return of this card, but well, the order was made before this check... (beginner's mistake...)

    So I've been busting my head since then with the configuration to do for this card and especially to do the most basic thing, the control of its engines.

    I use these steps for the X, Y, Z E0, E1 axes even if on the picture on the E1 it's a DRV8825, it was just for a compilation test.

    Before de-soldering or soldering anything, I would like to have your opinion on the installation. To do the test I set the Stepper Drivers as is.


    So the engines make noise but don't move.

    The file Configuration_adv modify or not for the TMC 2130 step gives me the same result. So I don't know what to do.

    If someone has an idea, I take

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