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    Intermittent PETG globs

    Hi All,I've done some very successful PETG printing of vase-style objects, but solid objects with infill is giving me very weird results. See picture. I've tried modifying speed, temp, infill type, and extrusion multiplier. As you can see, the first few layers are nice, and the solid bow and pillar sections are OK, but the infilled hull and roof are terrible! Any suggestions?
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    No replies, but lots of views, so I'll post my solution: derived by pure experimentation: SLOWWWWWW

    Printer: Rostock Max v2
    Filament: Generic Chinese PETG 1.75mm
    Bed: 70 C
    Nozzle: 245 C, 0.4mm orifice
    Layer height: 0.2mm
    Perimeters: 4
    Infill: 10% honeycomb
    Speed: 25mm/sec


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