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    Bed will not stick on one side

    I just setup a Ender3 pro. VERY new to 3D printing. I Leveled the bed with the paper method. First thing I printed was a dog that came with the printer. That came out really good, and that was first thing I ever 3D printed. Next I wanted to print a storage for the tools, this has 2 drawers and a case. It all fits between control screen in the open space just left of that. I did the first drawer and the bottom has a very slight bow, I assume where it lifted off on one of the corners. The second drawer is a little worse bow. HMMMM I read some similar issues about wide prints and wound up cleaning the bed with isopropyl alcohol. Thinking all good I started with base, except I still have issues with the filament not wanting the stick is one area of bed. The left rear of the bed is where Im having problems. I've preheated the bed to 65 and the nozzle to 195. I auto home then disable steppers to check nozzle/bed space. All ok So Im thinking the bed is not hot enough, I crank up 67. But when the file/Qcode Im using for the case adjusts it back down to 60. I use Cura 4.4 as slicer, setting in there controlling bed temp?Creality Ender3 ProCura 4.4 slicerPLA came with printer

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    I would leave bed at 50C and adjust the nozzle up to about 200C.

    My 3D Printer print PLA best at 202C, though had printed for a long time at 196C with really good results.
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    The I assume Cura slicing software when I tell the printer to print, this happens. Where I have nozzle set to 190 and bed to 60, I notice the info screen tells me nozzle temp climbing to 200 and bed lowering to 50. I have no control as its printing. I have tried to pause then adjust temps, it doesn't change. Im going to check some settings in my Cura program

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