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    3D Printing

    We have dealt with different printers in the market. 3D printing is available at many of them. Canon and HP lead the segment. For any further queries, you can contact Facebook for quick replies to all your printer related problems.

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    A 3D printer is a printer that prints 3 dimensional objects, unlike normal printers which print 2d pictures/words onto paper. so let's say you wanted to make a toy sword, you could design one on a computer, put the info into the 3D printer and it can create the toy sword. Why is this useful? Massive increase in production and ease of access to all sorts of parts. Instead of ordering that new drive shaft for your car, you could just print one, or if you wanted to build a gun, just print one. You'd need different materials for the bullets and gun powder but you could still technically print a gun (a little scary). But there are other amazing uses for 3D printers, like scanning someones broken leg and printing a cast that will fit perfectly on it, and as technology increases we may be able to print ( recently got a heavy laser printer for cardstock from here) something much more complex like human tissues or a lung for a transplant. 3D printers can be used in so many different ways to help people and they are also just freaking awesome. It's sad though that they are super expensive and I'm not filthy stinking rich.

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