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    Getting offsets when printing the outer walls

    I having this issue forever and have tried most almost everything i've found on the internet. In the picture you can see what i'm talking about. It happens more toward the front of the bed and also on the outer parts of the bed.This issue is also leading to an uneven surface in Z.Anyone know whats causing this? I feel it may be a mechanical issue. I made sure to tighten the belt using a freq tuner app. so should be good on that end. IMG_0720.jpg

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    apart from the machine contracting ringworm - have no clue what you think the problem actually is.

    pva is better htan blue tape.
    pei is better than pva :-)

    But the ringworm looks pretty even all over.

    So no I can't see what you are talking about - perhaps it's better to ACTUALLY talk about it :-)

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    Looks like you starting height is changing between the front and back. Nozzle has no room for plastic to come out. So your bed is not level or the tape is not the same thickness. Yes, from the very little info provided looks like a mechanical adjustment issue.

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