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    Stop printing (Ender 3)

    Hello everyone

    First time i post here, and hope i can get some help, i have a creality ender 3, wich i already made some upgrades, changed the bed to a glass one, changed the tube, and last week i noticed it stopped printing and changed the noozle for the first time, but now its giving me some problems:

    -Sometimes it stops mid printing and its weird because the noozle is new, and when i pull the filament it comes out easy, but with a small mark on the point.
    -The noozle temperature, changes alone, sometimes it starts at 205, then i change to 185, and sometimes it increases alone to 195, is this normal? only started happening since i changed the noozle.
    -I think this is happening because of the extruder, its the stock one, and filament its almost ending, so maybe it forces the extruder.

    Thank you and sorry for my english
    Luis Ramos

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    Check that blue filament guide that you made if you can feel a bit resistance when you manually pull the filament. In time the filament will rub that guide to the point that It will start to form a hole in a V shape. If it comes to the ex cruder change it sooner as you can. It's a cheap "upgrade" if I can call it. For me it's not normal to upgrade stuff just to make it work as it should. But this is ender 3 so you will get alot of that.
    But if it comes to your temperature problem I don't know. It may be related as with big enough temperature differences you may get blobs stuck in your hot end

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    Thanks for the reply, yes the filament guide has that V shape, but small one, but actually i discovered what is happening, in the extruder where there are the 2 knobs, the filament lift a little, it comes out of the space between the 2 knobs that push the filament and it stops printing, how can i fix it?

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