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    Alternatives to SKR?

    I bought a bigtree tech SKR 1.2 last month and it was dead on arrival. Won't flash new firmware and won't display anything on the stock Ender 3 LCD. Tech support can't figure out how to get it working, won't issue a refund or replace the defective board. The stock board works OK, but is noisy and could use upgraded drivers to smooth things out.

    I'm not willing to buy another one as the previous one didn't work a single time. So, are there any decent alternatives to the SKR line of motherboards that aren't going to cost a ton of money, but are going to have improved drivers and reduced noise?

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    You aren't trying to flash it with an Arduino sketch are you? The new 32 bit controller needs to use new software. Here is a detailed walkthrough on setting up your SKR mini 1.2 from a very good source:

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