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    Help with my one tooth project

    Hi all
    So I was shown there is a one tooth gearing which means instead of 100 teeth moving 10 it can be 100 teeth moving 1 so the one tooth moves 100 times
    Here is an example

    And here is what the person who made that said

    The max teeth number is 3 for a paradoxical gear. Using a 1 tooth gear meshing with a 100 teeth (standard gear) is possible but of no interest due to big pressure angle and steep helix angle. Usually the smallest teeth number is 4 for the pinion.

    I hope someone will make the 100 to 1 gearing he said
    That will so it moves 10 times longer
    I can pay well if anyone agrees

    Please let me know

    Thanks for letting me post

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    You should try asking a friend!

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    Try asking the person who sold it to you.

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    Hello all! I immediately drew attention to the topic of this post, for I myself, as well as my uncle faced this problem of teeth. I can safely say that it is a very difficult and time-consuming craft. This problem, however, I was able to solve in about 2-3 months of consistent treatment and dental care. Such as - rinsing the mouth, wearing a special retainer while sleeping. My uncle, on the other hand, got off much easier, simply brushing his teeth 3 times a day for a month. I advise you to go to your trusted dentist and he will solve any problem with you. Particularly good are those who have completed aesthetics training courses for dentists. I wish you the best of luck!
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    You could also start with some basic training.

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