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    Please help me with my custom made 3D printer!


    I am currently in the design process of making my own 3D printer.
    The issues I struggle with are that everyone else building a 3D printer already own one, and therefore prints all the nessesary parts for the new one.
    My printerbot simple metal just broke so I dont have a printer at hand.

    I work as a woodworker and have acces to proffesional equipment and I trust my skill in woodworking so I dont belive that will be a problem.

    What I AM struggeling with is the heated beds. If I would buy a 300x300 mm heated bed, would that give me a build volume of 300x300? Or would it be just short of that?
    I'm going with a 24v psu so hopefully the heating will be enough.

    Also, what controll board do you guys recomend? I dont want it to be noisy and I would appreciate if its a simple board since this is my first build. Oh and I want 32 bit board aswell.

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    as long as your frame allows for enough movement then you should be able to print on the whole bed.

    You don't actually normally buy a heated bed. You buy a heating pad of some description.
    I like the silicon heatpads.
    That is then applied to (usually) an aluminium bed (3-6mm thick) which is usually slightly larger than the heat pad. Borosilicate Glass is also often used these days as well.
    But a good heatpad will easily heat a bed larger than itself.

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    Thanks! I just assumed they had to be the same size.
    Would this layer setup work? From bottom to top - 3mm cork, heating pad, 4mm aluminum, borosilicate glass.
    I read somwere that printing directly on aluminum is not optimal. Bed warping and print not sticking.
    And glass act as a pretty bad heatsink.
    Would both work better?

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    don't bother with the aluminium just stick the heatpad to the glass.

    Though to be honest a cheap sheet of pei on aluminium is a better option.

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