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    Decent setup for printing high temp on CR-10 S5?

    Hello, everyone!

    I just bought a CR-10 S5 to print out some largish parts. Im from the CNC world, so forgive my noob-ness. Id like to print quickly, and with materials such as ABS and polycarbonate. I know I need an enclosure (working on it) but also a powerful heat bed and hot end, correct? Ive seen a few on Ebay, but how do I pick one that will fit the CR-10 S5? Im guessing they arent universal. Also, Im sure I need 24V, so do I get an external power supply? Upgrade my existing one? Can I use a mains-powered heating bed?

    Also, .8mm nozzles. Any special considerations to using them? Having twice the speed at half the resolution works for much of my purposes.

    What would you use for a setup like this?

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    heated bed upgrade:

    install video:

    You'll also need to upgrade to an all-metal hotend... these can be a pain with a bodwen style printer because they have a very small transition zone, so you can't use very large retraction distances otherwise it jams. On my setup I have to decide to either live with some blobbing and stringing, or turn up retraction and risk a jam.

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    Most heat bed would work for you as long as it for the CR-10 lineup but you should also be looking at max heat and watch a few YouTube videos to see how to work with them.

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