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    Uneven extrusion

    This is my first 3D printer and I am still quite new to everything. My problem here is that when I start printing projects, the filament is not coming out evenly. On the bottom left quadrant of the prints, the filament would be coming out perfectly fine, but when it starts going onto the other quadrants, it gets extremely thin. I posted a picture for better clarifications (Please excuse the destroyed tape, I've been messing with it a lot and did not want to keep changing it out.) I am not 100% sure that I am doing wrong, I assumed that it was the bed's height so I tried adjusting it but nothing seems to be working. Could you point me in the right direction?
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    The Bed is not square with the nozzle, and the nozzle is not extruding the material on one side.

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    I think the first layer is too thin, so you need to increase the distance between nozzle and bed plate. basically, you have to calibrate better the plate. Try to set a little z offset from the slicer. Otherwise you could buy a 3dtouch.

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