I am looking for a bearing pinch roller.

~ 19mm OD height {close will work}
~ 11mm width {close will work}
4.8mm hole ID {needs to fit snug on its keeper pin}

They want $62 each for this almost obsolete part and I need two.
I have replaced the hardened brittle rubber on both bearings with three #6 Rubber Diverter washer *1
They got my cutter/printer working though the washers only measure 18mm OD.
Would settle for a Tyre similar to the #6 Rubber Diverter washer wish I could find one that is 11mm thick.

Thank You.

Note 1 : #6 Rubber Diverter washers Stock Number 35684 B 3/4 in. OD x 3/8 in ID 9/64 width.