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    Warning from buying a 3d Printer from g3d systems

    I've written my review before under one of G3D systems sponsored articles to warn everyone from buying their product(Where do i start? the inattentive customer support? The Low quality manufacturing? The Shady business these people are doing? My experience was the worst with them and they always reply with 'we'll get back to you next week with an answer and we're just awaiting action from our management'. I mean by all means stay away from the appealing specs and don't be fooled by the friendly reply at first they do appear to be professional and worth what they ask until you get your 3D printer and realise this thing isnt worth a 200$ mark, iv'e purchased a smaller 3D printer before from another company and it was fine to deal with and needed to get a bigger one but what a ripoff!the Projector was not installed properly and didnt project the correct image on the vat, so apparently no successful prints were made! and the support guy just stopped answering after he realised that this printer was completely useless, by the way he didnt even know how the printer works from the beginning as he was shown videos of all the errors that occurred but only replied with :'ummm can you send me a video of the error for my reference?" and just left me alone to deal with whatever i was facing!The body of the printer wasnt damaged so it couldnt have been a shipping issue, no it was just Low Quality manufacturing and installation and they wouldnt provide any replacement pieces but instead (silence) you with more delays (ive been delayed for 3 months now) and still no answer from them so 'Guarantees' apparently dont apply because you are distant and not anywhere near them!Thieves, Robbers and Con Artists!)By the way the resin type they sell creates a huge amount of gelatinous residue on the bottom of the vat which means most of the liquid gets lost during your trials and you are not told about that because thats how they make a ton more money from you (i havent experienced that with a 3d printer before)I have come to conclusion that they just dont want to do anything about it (no refund and no replacement) so i had to show their shady work before anyone else falls into that trap and im attaching here the conversations that went with support on Whatsapp with all the dates. File attachments exceeded my maximum upload size so i couldnt add more for now but you get the picture!I'm sure after all of this i can say that they dont even know how this thing is manufactured nor what should and shouldnt be there, the amount of cleaning you have to do after just a trial is ridiculous and the waste that comes out from this is sickening.Time Consuming, Very Expensive and Poor design (resin also splashes all over the inner body during the print in a messy amount).I just had to show everyone what these scammers are really doing and what kind of quality you're looking into if you ever choose to put your money the way they would only take a bank transfer no credit cards can be processed (for international buyers) so you cant file a credit dispute against them and you cant really do much about your 'guarantee' if you are located very far away. And one more thing it seems that this is an american company but its not its a Filipino company located in the Philippines and has almost nothing to do with the US except maybe an address and a phone number and again you are not told until they request their precious money paid in full.
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