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    Dimension SST soluble support source/head temp question

    Hello. This is my first post after my introduction and I am new to 3D printing so please excuse my lack of expertise. I need some help. I just fired up a Dimension SST printer I obtained after a 9 year slumber. I got everything working and was able to start a first test part. After the machine prints the initial layers of support on the modeling base, the support starts to flow slowly and eventually stops after the first layer of ABS is put down. The support is 9 years old and I am assuming that this is the most likely culprit. Can someone recommend a good source for soluble support that will work with the Dimension SST? I just need the material, not the cartridge. I am aware of the EEPROM reset that is required to do this. The materials I have seen on the market are for a head temp range of 215-230 C. When my machine starts it heats up to 270 C. I am not sure if this is operating temperature or initial temperature. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanceflatheadkid1

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    if it's soluble in water then it's some kind of pva. Soluble pva filament is readily available.
    If it's soluble in limonene - then it's probably hips, also readily available.
    Anything else - not a clue.
    270 is too hot for ANY of the current soluble filaments.

    stratasys will still sell you 'material' ;-)
    I suspect it would simply be cheaper to buy a qidi x-pro than filament from stratasys.

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    A little more research shows that the support head runs at 250 C and the model material head runs at 280 C. Two sources indicated that HIPS works better than the original Stratasys material although it is rated at 230 C. I have some HIPS on the way from Push Plastic. Based on the feedback from other SST owners I am optimistic.

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    get the limonene in then :-)
    One good thing about it - it'll keep the mosquitos at bay !

    what the hell is it printing at 280c ?
    That's polycarbonate range.

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