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    Question Question about ambient temperature with SLA printing

    I'm just starting to look into 3D printing. I have been purchasing miniatures on HeroForge and it is rather expensive, but I enjoy customizing my miniatures.

    The print quality is very important to me as I spend a lot of time painting my miniatures and want to start with a clean and detailed miniature. After doing some research into 3d printing, it seems like an SLA printer will give me the best possible outcome.
    The printer I'm currently looking at is the Longer SLA 3D Printer Orange 10. It looks like it takes a resin meant for the 405nm wavelength.

    The problem I'm having a tough time solving is that everyone is warning that you need to set your SLA printer up in a well ventilated area. I'm in Texas. It gets over a 100 degrees F in the summer, but is usually in the 90s. Winters are usually pretty mild, but can fluctuate a lot from week to week and day to day. I'd like to setup the printer outside when printing. I can protect it from wind, sun and other elements, but it sounds like the printing process, or the resin, will be impacted by the ambient temperature.

    1. Is that correct? Does the printer need to be in a high 60s to mid 70s degree F environment?
    2. Are there different types of resins which would work for the above type SLA printer that can handle a wider ambient temperature range?
    3. Am I thinking about this incorrectly or any other approaches or considerations I'm not taking into account?

    Thanks in advance for any responses,

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    Actually warmer resin should set quicker and be less viscous so should give sharper prints too.
    You will need to protect it from the sun though.

    I can see cold resin being an issue but not warm resin. hell, worst case scenario you print faster with smaller layers :-)

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    Warmer temps will decrease exposure time, but you can adjust that, so I doubt there'll be a problem.

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