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    Bissell robovac part help

    I am new to 3D printing, in fact I have not received my printer from Amazon yet (Anycubic Mega-S), should be here in two days. I used TinkerCad to design a part I need to repair a robo vac. Will this print or will I need somekind of support for the overhang. The square part is only 10.7 mm and the over hang is only a couple of mm.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    Bissel Robovac Part.jpg

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    You will most certainly need support. The corners of the rectangular segment will droop substantially during the print. The overhang at the area near the cylinder may be only a couple of millimeters, but the corners are much farther away.

    Some printers do better than others in creating support that's easily removed. Your choice of slicer also will have much to do about the results. Prusa Slicer along with a Prusa printer works great. Another example of which I am aware is Matter Control on a Robo3D R1+ printer. I'm happy with Simplify3D on a Sigma R16. Your mileage may vary; California mileage will be less.

    If you place a cube shape of narrow dimensions at each corner at the height of the underside of the rectangular shape, the overhang becomes a bridge, which may result in a smoother underside. Angus from Maker's Muse has a video on the YouTube showing how that can reduce/eliminate the need for difficult to remove supports. At least in your case, your supports will be easy to remove. They aren't embedded in tiny holes or other cavities.

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    Thanks Fred. Informative video. I will add a small rectangle at each corner. I noticed in Cura 4.1 there is an option for generate supports, would that work as well. It is only a small part so I will probably try it both ways as it will not take much filament to experiment.

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    yep auto generated supports should work. Can't stand cura but people do seem to manage :-)
    the any cubic is an i3 - so might be worth a look at prusaslicer.
    It's a heavily modified version or either cura of slic3r (can't remember which).

    But looks a lot more user friendly.

    Don't forget to print it the other way up - that way you use less support :-)

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    Thanks CA. It is an upgraded I3, I will look into prusaslicer. The auto generated supports worked great. Thanks again.

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