Aaron Tortola is an industrial designer that specializing in product development.

As an innovator in technology and fashion, I have been engaged in fashion design for more than eight years. In the early years, development of visualization system with 3D display and surgical simulation tools have been my job too.Especially in human environment, customization is often done with 3D data.In the development of products,it can bring opportunities to efficient development and space for innovation. Now let?s know more about Aaron Tortola.

I am an industrial designer that specializing in product development.Ever since I inspired by the connection between wearing technology and 3D printers,I started to study about body scanning in 2009, back when I worked in a 3D display company , I learned about haptic device ,computer graphics and 3D printing. In 2011, I made a lot of wearable products with the help of 3D printing and got invited to a fashion show.And I have seen a lot of experimental stuff that by far the customers can not use.Since then I devoted to the development of experimental products and geometric model verification technology.

Q:How can 3D printing applied to the fashion field?
A:3D printing can create connection for industrial products and organic products.For me, I can see elegant packing done by the 3D printing.And I have ideas about wearable devices ,technology and outfits.MRI data could help us get amazing information about 3D design,which can make patches and different items in our clothes.

Q:Why can 3D printing become the focus of fashion?
A:Fashion Media is a huge social industry that the market is about 4 trillion dollars .Everyone read magazines to get the latest information,and then buy the stuff they like.3D printing gonna be the focus,let me explain this with an example.Using this technique people can print whichever scarf they need and it is far more quicker than the traditional way.And everyone can have their customized products

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