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    CTC makerbot printing problems gap between vertical walls

    hi folks new here and have just got my first 3d printer the printer was printing fine with PLA and i have now switched over to ABS and am now having problems with printing when it prints it does not stick the all the layers of the solid walls together its almost as if it is printing 2 verticals wall rather than one solid one as there is a gap between them its almost as if its not putting enough ABS down or the layers are to far aparti am using makerbot desktop slicer software using 4mm nozzle printing at 250 degrees the photo below should be one solid 2.5mm thick wall all round any advice welcomed as i am stuckmany many thanks Jon
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    it'll be an issue with the slicer settings.
    What slicer are you currently using ?
    simplify 3d has an option to fill in gaps smaller than the nozzle diameter.
    Also see if you can use flashprint:

    set it for creator pro.
    It all depends which motherboard ctc used. Hopefully it's a proper mightyboard (or mightyboard clone). In which case flashprint should work.

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    many thanks will have a play and let you know how i get on,

    cheers jon

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