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    Airdog 3D Printed Working Prototype of Auto-Follow Drone

    3D printing and drone technology, two of the fastest growing tech spaces this decade, are seemingly converging. The Airdog auto-follow, video recording drone has an entirely 3D printed working prototype. In fact the prototype works so good that if it wasn't for the time constraints and costs, the company could 3D print all the production models as well. The Latvian company used two Stratasys 3D printers, one to print the actual drone which is FDM based, and a polyjet printer to print out the Airleach. The Airleash is a wrist band worn by the person desired to be firmed. More details on this project can be found here:

    Check out the Kickstarter project here:
    Here is a picture of the actual drone:

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    Stuff like this scares me a lot more than 3D printed guns. One day these things will be as small as a mosquito. They will be able to navigate into homes, bedrooms, and bathrooms. One day in the near future we will totally lose our privacy due to drones.

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    Nobody with the kind of money needed to buy such drones will ever find you (or me) interesting enough to follow with them. (Personally, if they find me interesting enough to follow around like that, I'd be a bit flattered. Creeped out, but flattered.)

    But yeah, it'll suck to be famous in the future.

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    Settle down ONUS, we are many years away from that big 'IF'

    And I do agree with Feign, people have the mentality that they are way more important they they think they are, you're not important, I mean here you are, we like you but of the over half a billion people in north america we simply are not.

    I might be coming across wrong. There are less expensive ways of finding out who you are and what you do in the privacy of your own home.

    Heck your mobile phone (even the dumb phones) are track with accuracy automatically.

    So don't worry about Airdog or the like, it's a great piece of tech to be able to do some great camera work where you don't need somebody to ride along with you. It would be great to see how people utilize this.

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