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    Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen Replacement Belt

    So the belt on the left side of my y axis on my printer is all chewed up from usage over time. Wondering if anyone knows where I can find a replacement part for this.
    I found this website but their belts are out of stock. From here it gave me the part number 2MR-09 but not the length of the belt needed. I found what appear to be the right belts on a different site if I am able to find out the length of my belt.
    These are the belts that I am assuming would work if I found out the length I need.
    Thanks guys!

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    can't you simply buy a length of standard belt and just cut it to size ?
    even something as simple as a small cable tie can be used to lock toothed belt into itself for a fixed loop.

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