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    Alternative bearings for Creator Pro


    my bearings on my Creator Pro 2016 desperately need replacement. Does anybody have experience with friction bearings (igus iglidur etc.). Did you experience any stip-slick effect? Any steps lost? What do you think about these bearings amzn. to/2X7NmVg ?. It's nearly impossible to find good LM8SUU Ball Bearings.

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    actually really easy to find :-)

    Also I watched a video interview with josef prusa (huge and impossibly young guy) where he explained why they'd gone for ball bearings on the new mk3 i3 rather than the ingus bearings.
    Now I'm not totally ignorant on these things - but I happily bow to mr prusa's knowlege and experience, if he prefers ball bearings over friction bearings - then so do I :-)

    Shame about the printbed size - but otherwise that is one amazing machine !

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