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    TEVO Nereus vs Creality CR-10S

    Hi all, I'm new to the 3D printing community and I'm looking at buying my first 3D printer. Since I'm new I don't know a whole lot about 3D printers but I am willing to learn to make some great prints. I have been looking at both of these printers but I don't know which one to get. I'm not limiting my purchase to one of these printers but I've just narrowed down the choices in my price range to these since they are large and have very good reviews. I would love any guidence or help at all and I'll answer any more questions if anyone has any. Thanks.

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    neither of those - have a look at the monoprice mp10 instead.

    You're looking for a number of things in a good I3.

    1) direct drive extruder
    2) side support raisl for the printbed
    3) dual z axis screws and motors.

    The larger the print volume the more important they become.

    Both the tevo and the creality have a single central rail for the printbed, bowden tube fed extruders and single z axis motors and screws.

    The monoprice is actually a rebadged wanhao - so better brand than the tevo or creality.

    On further looking, looks like the mp10 is also a bowden extruder (what's wrong with these people ?) but it's still the better machine.
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