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    Second printer - Need Help

    Sitting here in Denmark, got my first 3d printer the 3rd of may by my wife as a birthday present.

    I simply love it, the possibilities are endless, even though i know that SLS can do better, and that i have access to SLM at work.

    got a Creality CR10S - PRO, and it works flawlessly, except i really don?t like the material on the bed, i want a flexible build plate, but that can be easily fixed.

    The printtime however is annoying, so i?m in the works of rebuilding my shed outside, and insulating it, so i get some outdoor space, for something else than tools, so i can get room for the printers (it?s a 50 squaremeter shed so it is quite nice) so i want more printers... MORE..

    i?ve been looking at the next to get, at work we have ultimakers, for prototyping, but the price does not seem to match the performance, looking at wanhao, or flashforge, or a creality more.. the flashforge for a cheap ABS printer, with the HEPA filters.. but feel the buildplate on the Flashforge is a bit on the smaller end.

    are Wanhao?s okay? looking at the MK2 models, and that they are direct driven, where my creality is bowden tube (have had no issues with that) ?

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    wanhao are usually quality machines with good support.

    Bowden is fine, unless you want to print with soft flexibles.

    And yep - that's a decent sized shed - I'm jealous :-)

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