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    Printrbot is making their 3D printer files open for FREE download

    If you want to build a Printrbot, rather than buy one, you may soon be able to do so. Also if you want to upgrade your Printrbot, you may soon be able to get some files from the company for free. Starting last night, Printrbot has begun to upload their printer files to YouMagine with creative common licenses. 5 Files are currently available to download, with lots more coming. Read more about this at

    What do you think? Good idea on Printrbot's behalf?

    I personally think Brook Drumm is the man!


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    This is a GREAT idea! They have been steadily releasing all their files since the beginning. Printrbot is an open-source company. What's really great is that they decided to start put their files on a website that is also open-source instead of the alternative site. Awesome!

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    Always like Printrbot

    A great company giving back to the community.

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