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    Quadriplegic interested in designing own reacher tool.

    Total noob here and quadriplegic. Can someone please point me into the right direction. I would like to design and print my own reacher tool so I can grasp things because my hands don't work. I'm able to use my shoulders and biceps but no triceps or forearm or hand abilities.
    I actually have one that I bought for an example but I would like to make improvements to it. Plus they are $200 a piece so it would be nice to be able to fabricate my own and give away some to people who are also in wheelchairs.
    My budget would be around $600-$800. Of course it's probably out of my reach but would love to make one out of carbon fiber. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    carbon fibre would be more of a traditional manufacturing route.

    But ninjateks armadillo is almost as strong and light and much easier to print.

    Got a picture of the reacher you have now ?
    That would help us work out the right printer for you.

    I presume the budget is for the printer ?

    With projects like that I generally end up using a variety of materials - some scavenged some printed. There's no point printing the long shaft, so look around for something cheap to use that you can attach printed parts to - or whoever's helping you can :-)
    I find that budget/pound/buck stores are great places to find inspiration, also hardware stores and garden centres.

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