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    Flashforge adventurer 3 - Nozzle dragging across prints


    i'm new in 3D Printing and my english is not so perfect so sorry for that

    I have the Problem that the nozzle is dragging prints when crossing the print.
    I tired almost all, play with several setting in Flashprint.

    Have someone any tipps or know that problem?

    p1.JPGp2.JPG dra.JPG

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    I'm unfamiliar with that slicer program, but can suggest an approach. Slic3r is the slicer recommended for Prusa printers. This program has a feature called z-hop, which lifts the nozzle a specified amount each time it has to travel without extruding. Our library makerspace Prusa had the problem you display and we discovered that the z-hop was turned off. You may be able to locate that feature under a different name within your program.

    Addendum: I found an online manual for your slicer program and discovered that there are no settings of the sort I described in the manual. I did see a reference to Expert Settings, but nothing conclusive regarding z-hop. I used the PDF search feature for z-hop (no results) and then searched and read the 90 found references to the letter Z, but none of them cover lifting during travel.

    It doesn't look good for that slicer software. If you aren't tied to the program, you may want to try Slic3r or any other free slicing program, download the profile for your printer and see how you like the results.

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    thank you for your time and i try to get in this slic3r but i am new in this and all this gcode things and configurations are too much for te moment
    for example -> the temperature is always wrong on my printer.

    someting like z-hop do not existe on flashprint or i can't find even in expertmode.

    but i buy this printer to learn the basics from 3d printing. the next will be someting open source like ender 3 or so.

    when someone have tipps how i can remove this dragglines or can help me out with the right gcode for slic3r i am really thankful for.

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    I did some additional research about your printer. It appears that it uses non-standard file formats for printing and therefore requires that you use the provided software. I apologize for my error. More searching discovers nothing regarding adjusting z-hop for that slicer software. After re-reading the user manual, I discovered a "lower bed" option but it only applies when using treelike supports, and is not what I would consider a general feature of printing.

    There was a link for a user who created a program that would take g-code from Slic3r and convert it to be able to use in a Flashforge printer, but I felt it was too complex for me to suggest as a solution.

    Unfortunately, I do not see an easy answer to this question.

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    This is what I would call normal for FFF .. It isn't injection molding..

    Totally different printer and Simplified 3d slicer.. can I do a zhop to reduce this, yes but it will slow down my print and make for more blobs as it move the nozzle away from the surface allowing for more strings (filament dependent) and only matter on the last layer.. could probably do 2 process in S3D and hop on the last few layers but I have come to accept this as normal.
    Good luck

    Drag mark along with PETG pop drops.. :-)
    nozzle drag.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by airscapes View Post
    I have come to accept this as normal
    Yes me too

    I tried a lot and it got worse. It's a good printer to get in to 3D Printing but he will not stay with me for a long time.

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