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    Ender 3 Pro - Settings on printer clear when shut off


    This is my first post but I can't find a similar problem anywhere else so I think it's worth asking!

    I recently bought a Creality Ender 3 Pro. I printed a calibration cube and I went into the motion settings and tweaked some max/min settings etc. I also adjusted my step/mm settings. The next calibration cube was fantastic.

    When I was done I shut it down and turned it on the next day. All of the settings I had tweaked had gone back to default. I was worried I would have to calculate my steps/mm again but before I changed any of the settings I printed the same calibration cube. It came out bang on.

    I keep adjusting the Vxy-jerk to 30, vmax x and y to 550, and vmax e to 30 whenever I use the machine. I haven't had to work with the steps/mm again though.

    Why does it keep going back to defaults? And why would my steps/mm be correct if it keeps putting it back to 80?


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    After adjusting the settings you have to " Store Settings " this is the same a save>
    Storing settings can be accomplished in two ways.
    1. LCD Menu > Configuration > Store Settings
    2. Send " M500 " using a terminal connected to your 3D Printer.

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    Thanks...I will try that. I haven't hooked my computer up to the printer yet but I did watch a tutorial on how to do it so I'll get to that tonight. I don't remember seeing any setting called "Store Settings" but I'll double check.

    If that works, why would my steps/mm stay correct even though it shows the original value of 80? I don't think the axis motors have any type of memory. Maybe every time I'm changing the other settings it's actually saving and just adding to the value? I guess I'd have to send the M503 command to see what the settings are.

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    Control->Store Memory

    Thanks! I guess I should have read the manual?

    I still don't understand how the steppers would be ok without having "saved" anything. I haven't hooked my printer up to my computer to send the command. I'll update when I do

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