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    Sanding off for complex models

    Hi all!

    I'm looking to sand off the model pawns attached (hatchbox wood/PLA mix), but the intricate design is proving difficult to work with normal sandpaper. I was thinking of an emory board but I'd like to know if there are better ways to go about this. TIA!
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    I use a combination of mini files and sanding blocks.
    This kind of thing:

    Also have a couple big files.

    The other thing to look at is wood turners sanding cloth.

    I have yet to bring my sanding cloth up from my wood working shed to the 3d printer workshop.
    The cloth is a lot more amenable to being wrapped and made into different shapes. Normal sandpaper tends to break up when you try and mould it.

    A trip to your local buckstore or hardware store is in order :-)

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    Okay, so I got the sanding files and it's doing well with removing the rough bits. Now, how do I finish the pieces off so I don't have it looking like I spot sanded them?

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    fine grain sanding cloth :-)
    You can also try a clear varnish, I found wood filament tended to really soak it up so needed several coats before it looked even.
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    I remember my husband bought a special solution in the local market that you have to use with a smooth cloth and sand the surfaces. It is good for all the materials. But honestly, we used it for gas, so in your case, I think you can take a rough cloth so that the solution would not absorb and it sanded all the irregularities well. To tell the truth, if the details were a little bigger, you could send them with a Makita circular sander. Honestly, we used it with different nozzles for our house. More than all, you can always regulate the speed and if you are careful you can polish everything you need with it.
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