Hi All -

I'm trying to help a department here at the school scan some small cylindrical items (about the size of a cigar), with their new HP Sprout G2. But it appears the object is too small.

They have an older MakerBot digitizer turntable that works OK (we think), but have been unable to get satisfactory surface detail with it using the MakerBot software on the old original PC that they've had for several years.

In reading around on the Sprout and the HP Scan software, I see that it should be able use other 3d cameras.

I've tried connecting the MakerBot Digitizer to the Sprout - but I can't get the HP Scan software to calibrate the camera to test how well it scans to the HP Sprout system.

Does the HP Scan software need a "MakerBot plugin" to work?? I see that it supports (in the scan software drop-down for configurations) Sprout, David SL-1, 2 and three, etc... I tried using "custom", but can't get it to calibrate the MakerBot. It gives an error of "Could not detect enough markers of calibration panels"...

Thanks for any advice,