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    3d PCB printing?

    Hi everyone,

    Hope this is the right forum

    I need to recreate a 4 inch by 3 inch printed circuit board from a Panasonic audio cassette deck.

    Can 3d printing accomplish this?

    I just bought a pretty nice 3d printer and am just curious if this task is possible

    Thanks so much !

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    You can make a breadboard and you can stuff electronics onto it and manually wire them. Making conductive traces a bit trickier but I've sure there are DIY hacks to manage that. But the big problem comes in with hot components. High current will require wire or foils.

    Would I make a complex board on an FDM printer? No!

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    With the right filament, why not. I would definitely go for soldering though, much more reliable.Here are conductivity measurements for a few filament brands.
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    Nice find Ralph. That would work nicely for contact buttons.

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    that electrifi sounds interesting - all the conductive filament I've tried has been carbon based and useless.
    circuit printing

    holy bank balance batman !
    $196 for 100gms (17metres) !
    $1960 a kg - makes peek look positively cheap !
    Oh yeah and they still charge p&p on top of that !

    At the end of the day it's a mix of mostly copper powder and polyester plastic.
    I could understand the price if they were using gold powder.
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