I am having a problem where my Ender 3 Pro stops printing mid print. This always happens around 95% of the way through the print, no matter what print. Specifically, the print will be going fine, and then the head will just stop moving while over the object. I don't get an error message and the machine is not frozen. I can then stop the print and the head and bed will return to home. If I continue the print after that, the head will start printing on the same layer, and then once it gets to the same place as it was before, it will stop again. This happens regardless of the object being printed. I have resliced the object, tried a different object and even used a gcode file from someone else with an ender 3 pro. Each time I've had the same issue. I have given them my file and they were able to print it on their E3P without issue.

Does anybody have any suggestions of what I can do at this point?

I think my next step is to reinstall the firmware for the printer. Does anybody have an up to date firmware file for the Ender 3 Pro? The only one that I've found is outdated. Is it different from the regular Ender 3?