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    Angry Can someone help me determine what's going on?

    I am new to this hobby and I had many successful prints from my ender 3. But recently i have been having my prints start of this way. I have been using the paper method to level the bed. I have tried the original bed that came with the printer and i have tried a glass bed. I have tried Glue stick on both surfaces with no success.

    Thanks for your help


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    Printhead is too close to the bed.

    either relevel with thicker card, or adjust your z-level gcode to add height.
    start at 0.1mm and work up till it prints okay :-)

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    Insufficient extrusion. Could be because it is too close but I suspect either your motion velocity settings are too fast or your extrusion force settings are insufficient. Of course, clogged nozzles would be the first to eliminate from the list of possible problems.

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    Thanks for the help. It was a clogged nozzle.

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    Happy Printing, JL.

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