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    Pulsar X1 printer (complete drawings)

    Hello community,

    Some time ago I built my first printer, I leave the complete drawings here in case someone can be interested.For about 150-175 euro you can assemble it, and to begin with it's not bad.

    Many things can be improved, but it is a good base to start learning.The drawings are in IGES and SOLIDWORKS and the parts in STL (for printing) and DXF (for cuts) are also ready.

    More information, drawings, pieces ready to print/cut, firmware, etc. in my website here:

    Pulsar X1

    Best regards!
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    filament reel should be on top of the frame.
    It's basically an anet a8 - which can be had for about 100 euros from ebay.

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    Hello,Well, is my first design 2 years ago, and it have lot of things for improve it, I am agree with you.
    But for start learning and modifying things is a good base

    Best regards!

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