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Thread: 1/8 scale seat

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    1/8 scale seat

    Looking for a pair of 1/8 scale seats made.
    Need to be similar to a passenger car bucket seat from a acura, Toyota, etc.
    I have seen hundreds of pics of what I want, but haven't found anything in 1/8 scale.
    Found some 1/10 scale on shapeways, but too pricy to upscale to 1/8.
    let me know what can be done. Need to be approx. 70mm wide, x 70mm deep x 108mm tall. in that range.
    Thanks, Rob.

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    Do you have the STL of the part you want printed? Its not a big thing you are asking for. Scaling models to any scale is easy. Knowing that the details are sufficient at the scale you want may be more important. Where are you located?

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    You'd better upload the stl.


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