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    Newbie questions: cheap self assembly OK?

    I want to try out 3D printing.
    I've seen on ebay for ?88.99 (in UK).
    Are these any good?
    I read in other places these need a few hours to build.

    Is there a newbie buyers guide somewhere?

    I can't find on Amazon - assuming because of terrible reviews?
    Should I invest a little more and buy something with better reviews?

    Ideally, I did want something within a box.
    These seem to be smaller + cost more.

    The reason for wanting a box is because of kids - I assume the bottom plate gets hot.

    I've seen others with a digital screen attached for a small amount more.
    Do I need?


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    Sorry - which kit are you looking at? there are a number of them available and you don't include the link.

    This is a better board to post your questions in.

    Personally, I have heard good things about the Creality Ender, but as I don't have one yet, I will leave it to the experts.

    A heated bed is generally nice to make your prints stick better and can be necessary for some materials - you will heat them between 50-80c usually (for an idea of how hot the bed gets). The nozzle will get hotter of course so you will want to keep little hands away when in use.

    It is not necessary to purchase one with an enclosure - you can build an enclosure yourself quite easily.

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    Most of the times you will print in PLA, so 50?C is not a danger temperature.
    I am agree with Linias, i heard lot of good things about ENDER 3 printer, it has lot of good reviews in internet, check it.
    I think is a good option for start to learn, and if later you need something more proffesional you can check more detailed.

    Best regards!

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    I do have one of the cheap printers and I absolutely would NOT recommend it as a first printer.
    I bought one to see just what you get for that amount of money and how much work it would take to turn it - cheaply - into a decent printer.
    Quite a lot of work, and a couple extra bits - I'm still under ?100, but it's not printing yet :-)
    When I'm done it'll be a decent machine. But if it had been my first, I reckon I'd probably have just given up and binned it.

    for another ?50 or so - get one of these:

    Pretty much the only plug and play printer I've seen and own :-)

    If you get the ?88 machine you will have a lot of problems, they are not suitable for a first printer.

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    Even I do agree with the Creality Ender 3 printer as I have heard a lot about this printer and seems to be pretty amazing and going to be good for you as this will be your 1st 3D printer.

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    Hello,I heard that delta machines are more complex for configure and tuning.
    And honestly, for invest +50 more not will be a "decent" printer.

    Best regards!

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