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    MakerBot Desktop 3.1.1 Released

    MakerBot has just released the Desktop software version 3.1.1. The software is for 5th Generation Makerbot Replicators only, and can be downloaded here: Users will now be able to connect their Replicators to their WiFi network and monitor their printers from any computer which is hooked up to that same WiFi network. MakerBot intends to make this update eventually available to the other older printers as well. More details on this update can be found here:

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    Hopefully this solves a lot of the problems that people have been having with their Gen 5 Replicators. I'm sure a lot of people were waiting for this upgrade.

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    Is the Iphone function working yet? Or do you have to be hooked up on the same network?

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    I believe the iphone function works with this upgrade, but not sure. Has anyone here installed it yet?

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    The iOS app is now out for the Makerbot users - see

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    Just a note here on what it "works" with. I have been using it as a slicer for a Flash Forge printer. I think the "works with 5 generation makerbot" is just for the direct connection of computer to printer. The stand alone slicer to .x3g works fine on other printers so far that I can see. I also think this is just their way of distancing themselves from their open source roots. It seems they are abandoning their previous and current customers by making this for 5th gen printers only.

    I am pretty sure the slicer to .x3g will work fine on older Makerbots also. The printers are still in the selection list. Proftweak even works fine on 3.1.1.

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