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    XYZ Printing da Vinci Nobel 1.0 SLA Printer

    Yet another 3D printer has been unveiled by Taiwanese company, XYZPrinting. In addition to the two all-in-one devices they announced, they have also revealed their new Stereolithography based printer, the da Vinci Nobel 1.

    The Nobel 1 has the following specifications:
    • Print technology: Stereolithography Apparatus, SLA
    • Printer's Size: 28.2x 33.7x 60.5cm
    • Printer's Weight: 20 lb/9.1 kg
    • Display: 5” Touch Panel
    • Connectivity of Device: USB 2.0 , Host / Client , WIFI
    • Build Envelope: 12.8x12.8x20cm
    • Print Resolution: X/Y : 300microns Z: 25 microns
    • Printing Material: Photopolymer Resin

    Here is a picture of the new device:

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    This should be interesting. I can't wait to see the print quality of this printer. I'm not a big fan of the da Vinci FDM printers. The resolution just isn't very good. However if they can make an SLA printer with typical SLA resolutions for uncer $2500, I'm sold.

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    Here are photos of the Nobel form the Computex conference in Asia. Anyone know the difference between the dark and light versions? Also check out some of the things that it printed. For those wondering about quality, it looks pretty darned good.

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    I was looking around and it looks like Photopolymer Resin might be stronger than ABS by tensile strength.
    Anyone have a clue about this?


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    Stronger but brittle as candy, which means if you accidentally have them fall, they explode into thousand of plastics.
    Unless you leave them uncure to be high elasticity.

    Also no one will warn your about proprietary resin from these bastard.
    Expansive vat, due to sillicon or PDMS failing over time
    Health concern, resin smells terribad! Some of them have MSDS concern
    No one tells you about postcure
    You have to print full fledge model which means 100% density, which means cashgrab for them.

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    I cant believe how expensive the material is.
    What does it mean to leave them uncured?

    Thanks for your response,

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